Wednesday, March 07, 2007

[Review] Satosumi Takaguchi -- Shout Out Loud! Vol. 3

Shout out Loud!, Volume 3Third in a five part series about a long-separated father and son getting to know each other while trying to deal with new relationships.

Nakaya's got a bad crush on the ice hockey coach, and tries to do something about it. He ends up asking his father's advice on what happens if you find yourself attracted to another man -- but Shino's struggling with the same question himself. Shino's colleague Tenryu has made his own feelings clear, and Shino's found himself responding.

After finishing the first half of their current anime series the voice actors go for a weekend break at a spa resort, giving ample opportunity for squabbling and seduction attempts -- none of which go according to plan. By the end of the book Shino faces the fact that he might finally be falling in love again, for the first time since he lost Nakaya's mother.

As with the first two books in the series, it's more about the story than the sex -- this volume does ramp up the steaminess, but the men and the book don't go all the way. There's some nice foreplay and kissing, but the real joy is in the humour and the way the various relationships develop. It's gentle but it's not pure fluff -- for example, Tenyru's dealing with a nasty divorce and faces losing contact with his daughter -- which makes it all the better.

It's possible to follow the plot in this one with just a synopsis of the previous volumes, but I'd strongly recommend reading the first two volumes first -- you'll get a lot more out of it if you've already got to know the characters. (Volume 1 review and volume 2 review)

ISBN: 9781598163186
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