Saturday, March 31, 2007

Self-Published Romance and POD People

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you all to another of my online endeavours. Pod People is a blog and website I began to discuss and review self-published books. The bulk of the hard stuff was then taken over by the incomparable Dawno who accepts submissions and keeps track of the reviewers and reviews. Leaving me to update (or more commmonly, neglect) the website.

I mention this because POD people recently re-opened to submissions. We currently have only three romance reviews and none for erotica. However I know we have reviewers interested in romance and I am sure many would be interested in erotica if that was a genre we listed. So if you have self-published in these areas please consider submitting a book--we take only electronic copies (unless otherwise arranged). This is not because our reviewers have anything against paperbacks--but to save the authors the costs of the review copy and postage.

Now, I would admit to being somewhat bemused at the whole notion of self-publishing in these genres given the availability of many small and large presses open to romance and/or erotica submissions--but I am sure my attitude reflects my general ignorance of the issues and benefits of self-publishing. I began this site because some self-published books are excellent and deserve wider recognition. I am not involved in self-publishing and know very little about it. I am neither a cheerleader, nor nay-sayer, on this issue--just an interested by-stander with a love of books and a basic understanding of html.

So, what do you think the advantages of self-publishing romance or erotic are or might be? Or the pitfalls? Do you have a self-published book to recommend?


Anonymous said...

I self-published for years :) I love having complete control of the book, from editing to design, and it's taken me some time to get used to working on an editor's schedule.

I have several books that have been self-published that I could send you for review, but I'm not sure if you'd want to review ones that haven't been recently published. Though they are just now becoming available on Fictionwise, so perhaps that counts?

veinglory said...

There is not time limit so long as the book is still available :)