Monday, March 26, 2007

Speaking of Pets...

Blogs are a bit like cats. It seems like a cute idea to have one, and once you have one it isn't too much trouble to get another, and another--and the next thing you know they are running your life.

So, in order to reduce my blogging to manageable levels and hopefully avoid having to enter a 12-step program, I am looking to spread things out a little. If you are a blogger here, barge in, take over--I am sure people are sick of hearing from me!

For a start our glorious blog-master Amanda Young will be officially in charge of Mondays. If you see me here posting on a Monday, remind me that spring is springing, I do have a job to do, books to write and the dog probably needs walking (my dog is getting a little over weight, and he's a border collie cross--oh the shame!). So, I dub thee 'Mandi Monday'.

I would also like to open Friday up as a guest day. Anyone who wants to send us snippets, a piece of news (or better yet, gossip) or thinly disguised promo--just let us know. It would be appreciated if you book your Friday in advance and sign up so you can post without any extra input from us. But just emailing something in to ERECmail at is also fine :) -- reprints are totally okay so if you said something dead clever on your own blog, use this as a chance to say it again!

p.s. who ever keeps hitting us while googling for "rought sex erotica", drop the 't' on rough--it works better that way. And to the person who visited us after googling "wiggly graph", I hope you liked it ;).

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