Monday, March 05, 2007

We Are Just *Too* Shocking

I thought I might try out the blogexplosion site to get some extra blog traffic (what they hey, it's fee). However, guess what?

Sorry your blog has been denied at BlogExplosion as we have deemed the content on your blog as content that is not appropriate for other members.

Site reviewed:
Erotic Romance

Which is funny because they have an "adult" category viewers can opt out of, and in looking at other member's blogs I found bare female breasts, thongs and sites devoted to suggestive pictures of women. They accept blogs on every topic so I cannot think of anything other than the dreaded eroticism as the basis for the rejection (they don't exactly make it clear).

What do you think was too nasty for them, the bare man chest? The corset? The chicken?


Kis Lee said...

we're too sexy for their site. is that a good or bad thing? ;)

Amanda Young said...

Hmm... that's wierd. Wonder why they denied the site? Odd. *shakes head*

Anonymous said...

It's definitely the chicken.

Anne D said...

I've got a site blog top sites won't recognise for some reason. But they recognise my main blog with all its perverseness.

Stacia said...

Maybe it's the language?

Or perhaps the word romance is what's done it. :-)

Anonymous said...

What language? It's not like we just go around writing stuff like, f%%%ing c$$t, or motherf%%%er. Like the word "cock" is such a shocker.

Although, that dreaded R word does tend to irk the great unwashed.

Joyce Ellen Armond said...

Us womenfolk outghta be posin in our thongs and barin our breasts, not likin to think we can be all opinionated.

The world just went to hell once we was taught how to read and write.

(Sarcasm. One of many free services we offer this Tuesday.)

Anonymous said...

LMAO. I just loved your replies!

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Some people just can't handle the Humpin's. Poor them. LOL!