Thursday, April 12, 2007


One of Life's Little Ironies:

From How to Become Wealthy Selling Ebooks on the Internet by Stacey, Chillemi (Paperback - Jan 29, 2007) and Ebook Secrets Exposed: How to Make Massive Amounts of Money in Record Time with Your Own Ebook by Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel (Hardcover) - April 1, 2006)

Google Tricks:

1) Google Alerts
Set up an alert on your pen name or book title and Google will email you when ever it appears on the internet. This is a great way to get fresh reviews and find out who is blogging about you. But rememeber to use quote marks (e.g. "emily veinglory") to avoid learning about every person that happens to have that first name.
2) Google Links
If you bring up google and in the box type it will show all the pages that link to yours.


Triskelion recently moved from .net to .com, buit the site is now down--anyone know why? [Edited to Add] It's back! Chippewa/Lady Aibell have had trouble with hackers affecting the shopping cart and secure forum but have moved to quickly correct the problem.

Kurt Vonnegut has died at the age of 84

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