Friday, April 13, 2007

FRIDAY FEATURE: Fiction Genre Wars--by Sara Rustan

Our Friday Feature is a blog post by Sara Ruston about the oft-repeated "Romance Fiction" sucks argument:

A subscriber to a list that I belong to recently insisted over and over that the quality of writing in romance is very low. It was infuriating because other members pointed out the large number of romances that are published, the fact that there is poor writing in other genres, etc., etc., and she just would not listen. She kept insisting that there was more bad writing in romance than in other genres.

I've certainly complained about the writing in some of the romances that I've read, but I read and enjoy a few of the authors that she was slamming, and they do NOT write poorly. Some of them aren't to my taste, but I wouldn't criticize the writing because of that. Conventions are different in different genres. The expectations of the readers are different. Writing that might be considered "good" in one genre, is considered "bad" in other genres.



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Jules Jones said...

firday feature? We covering tree porn now?

veinglory said...

I dare ya :)