Friday, April 20, 2007

[MARKET] But do you get paid?


Does your family call you a grammar geek? Do you often spot typos in books and papers that other people just skim over? If yes, read on!

Samhain Publishing is looking for final line editors. What does a final line editor do, you ask? After a book has gone through content edits, it is then passed on to a final line editor—who goes through line by line to find any typos or mistakes in the book.

The qualifications for the position are attention to detail, a strong knowledge of grammar, attention to detail, time to devote to edits, attention to detail and, of course, a love of books. The final line editors are our last line of defense so to speak before a book goes out to the public.

If you are interested in joining the Samhain team and would like more information regarding the position, please email Jessica Bimberg at

[NEWS] Yes the ERWF forum is down again. is starting to make British Rail look reliable.

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Anonymous said...

Barely. They're not exactly looking for professionals based on the pay rate they offer.