Thursday, April 19, 2007

Too sexy to buy books?

Gracie Passette aka The Marketing Whore posted a comment she received from Shel Israel, author of Naked Confessions. Basically she reviewed his book, he commented on her perceived anonymity, and she responded with an interview opportunity. (You can read her entire post here.)

His response: "...I think I'll pass on the interview. I've been reducing the interviews I do anyway as I get into writing my new book. But more than that, I just don't see much potential business for me with your target audience."

Say again? What is that supposed to mean? That folks in the adult industry wouldn't be interested in a book about blogging and marketing? Oh, I get it. Those kind of books are for the "real" business professionals, right? Those of us in the adult/erotic industry can't possibly be interested in a book about marketing, blogging, and business.

Oh, please.

Gracie sums up the problem: Lots of folks dismiss our business. And they write us off as "being sex" rather than being in the business of sex.

Exactly. This is the reason that I'm careful about telling people what I write for a living. People need to look beyond labels. Yes, I write adult/erotic fiction. Does that mean you know the real me? I may write about sex, but I've got a brain and I'm not afraid to use it.

If you can relate to this, please post this on your blog, pass the link around, or contact Shel Israel. Let him know that we *are" a part of the audience.


veinglory said...

Or at the very least, we are happy to be part of someone else's audience instead. Could someone out there suggest a competing product by a writer not so quick to dismiss adult-oriented industries?

veinglory said...

p.s. her post on Lux Nightmare's description of the "Pink Ghetto" is interesting:

Marketing Whore said...

Thanks, Kis, for posting this :) And Emily, thanks for the comments at the blog!