Friday, April 06, 2007

When Plot Bunnies Attack

If you are anything like me you find it hilariously funny when people ask: "Where do you get your ideas?" Ideas are so not the limiting factor. Time, attention span and sanity--now those are all in short supply. But just for the hell of it, let's talk about those stealth plot bunnies. You know, the ones that jump up and bite you on the arse when you least expect it. (Yes, I know I tend to use American spelling most of the time but 'ass' just doesn't do it for me).

A few days ago I was in one of those nick-nack, antiques and general weird object stores. I love them. I bought salt and pepper shakers shaped like penguins, two small skulls of as-yet unidentified animals and these. And tell me, if you look at that lady on the right do you not feel stories just building up inside you? Her real life, her true story is lost to us and there is something unsettling about a treasured keepsake, a real person, reduced to a 20c curiosity. But when I look in their faces there are dozens of stories that well up in my mind to fill the void left when her real history was lost.

And as for this lot. Maybe I am a sick, sick women, but am I the only one thinking MMMMF?

In honor of Easter the first four people to share a funny place they got a plot idea will get a purple plot bunny from me (shown left).

And I have a p.s. -- have any of you ever asked an e-publisher to withhold tax? Have they been willing to do so? Email me at veinglory at or comment here.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,

My latest story is a werecat m/m erotic short set during the Civil War. I know, WTF?

I usually write short fiction for contests or submission calls. Earlier this week, I was trolling through the sites I usually search for contests or upcoming anthologies when I found a new listing at Torquere Press. Currently they have an open submissions call for an anthology entitled Shifting Back ~ the stories must be about shapeshifters of some kind, and set in a past era (as the title suggests).

Now I don't usually write paranormal stuff, but the past era bit is what interested me ~ I'm a huge Civil War buff (have to be, I live in Virginia) and have been wanting to write another Civil War-era story for a while now (I have one that I plan to edit and submit somewhere soon). So I got to thinking, and suddenly the whole story came to me in a flash ~ a story about two men on opposite sides of the war who meet one night while both are "in the fur."

The only thing I didn't know was what animal they'd shift into. The more I thought about it, the more I decided to write about a werecat instead. Bobcats are common to the mountains of Virginia (where the story is set), and I'm definitely a cat person so they're just easier for me to write. Once I got that worked out, I couldn't stop until the story was complete!

Elizabeth Parker said...

When I was a little girl, we traveled from Nebraska to visit the "Deep South." At a mansion, I saw a photo of a beautiful young girl with long wavy hair. The caption said she had died young by accidently setting her hair on fire with an oil-heated curling wand.

I never forgot that girl. Forty years later, she appeared in my first novel, setting the scene for a mystery. "Who held the door shut while she burned to death?"

Sometimes, ideas can percolate for years. :)

veinglory said...

Hi guys :)

I have bunnies to send so please let me have a mailing address at erecmail @ :)

veinglory said...

p.s. ERWF forum update from forumer: "I do believe that administration is conducting some routine maintenance. Server should be up in a few."