Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I note with interest the growth of voluntary 'Adults only' labelling scemes like RTA. My question is: is EREC an adults-only site? It is my goal that the material on the website not be explicit in nature but as the products discussed are explicit to some degree, there really is no good reason to encourage (or even fail to discourage) minors from reading, right?


Jules Jones said...

At the moment I'd prefer that it didn't go over to being labelled as adults-only. The actual content is primarily not adults-only, many of the publishers we discuss also publish sweet romance, and some of the discussion in the blog is likely to be useful/relevant to under-18s, particularly discussion of things like contracts and "money flows towards the author".

And if we can get some of the young 'uns indoctrinated with "read the contract before signing it" before they're old enough to legally sign a contract, so much the better.

If we didn't already have a name that spells out exactly what we talk about, I'd think it a good idea to put some sort of "beware of the erotica" warning. But not necessarily one of these schemes.

veinglory said...

I'm easily convinced not to bother ... ;)

Kis Lee said...

uhhh...i'm leaning towards no, we don't really need the warning.