Thursday, May 03, 2007


[NEWS] Night Owl Romance is seeking book reviewers for M/M fiction.

So I think we need a word for disputes that fluff up on the internet, how about "blogsquall"? "Blog Opera?" Or is there one already that I don't know about?

Romantic Times CEO Kathryn Falk's comments have been discussed to death. Time, I think, to stop flogging that one. Pithiest comment I saw: "What the Falk?" by Lisabette at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

RT staff defended the volunteers who removed the manlove group's promo at their convention--stating amongst other things that 1) Laura (the groups leader and rep) somehow got all the facts wrong, 2) she shouldn't bother going to the con anyway and that 3)their "print" readers don't like MM. I don;t know what happened exactly at RTCon, but I do think these comment and the defensive mention of having "gay friends" says it all.

I consider RT a great magazine on the whole but this is the last straw for me. There is also at least one erotic romance epublisher how has withdrawn a large advertisement and suspended all advertising with RT. The RT staff truly seem to have parted company with good sense in the way their staff and representatives are conducting themselves out and about in the blogverse (which they apparently hold in some contempt along with all things digital).

As with RWA I am often told to join into groups with limited tolerance of non-heterosexual romance and RT seemed to be moving oh-so-slowly in a more inclusive direction. But with RT they are accepting ads but not delivering promised reviews, accepting con fees and moving promo, and telling us that "their" readers are not people like me (readers of all genres of romance including MM)--I have to conclude that my time sitting in the back of the bus is over, even if I have more cushions than before and a lovely cup-holder.

Maybe it is cutting off my nose to spite my face but I am not putting any more money into the pockets of a magazine that conducts itself in this way. I am open to suggestions re: alternative reading matter....

[Edited to add] Thoughful stuff about RT over at dearauthor

Debates continue to flare up about whether Ellora's Cave are in a bit of a downward slide. I have been highly sceptical about this but readers' complaints persist and sales at their main competitors seem to have gained significantly in the last few months.

[Edited to Add] SB/TB don't seem to be in a hurry to endorse advertising with RT either?

[Edited to Add] More Ellora's Cave drama from Karen.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering where the EC discussion was. Sounds like they're really having problems.

L.E. Bryce

veinglory said...

I am stillskeptical, but there sure is a lot of cybersmoke.