Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cover Quizz

Jana at Romancing the Blog is one of many bloggers who have been discussing covers recently. I thought we might try a small and very unscientific experiment. I have gleaned the first standard new release cover shown on the websites of 5 top erotic romance epublishers, cropped to obscure publisher name and use here only as a basis for discussion and commentary. Let's see whose is most appealing to our non-random sample of completely biassed observers. Just reply ranking them from 1 to 5 (1 being the best). And can you guess the publisher? (no peeking). To my eyes most look rather similar in both content and style?






[Edited to Add] More about the fall of clinch, the rise of man-titty and those wtf cartoon covers at dear author.


Amanda Young said...

Here's mine. *g*

1. 3 - Loose ID
2. 5 - Samhain
3. 2 - Not a clue
4. 4 - Not a clue
5. 1 - EC

veinglory said...

Thanks for playing :)

Jules Jones said...

I'm not playing, because a) I recognise one of those anyway, and b) as we all know, I'm slightly biased in preferred subject matter and thus think that the Loose Id m/m is Teh Hawt for reasons that are not purely connected with the quality of the art.

EL PADRONE said...


And as a man I have no idea at all who any of the publishers are or what any of this is about.

I stumbled across your blog purely by chance.

I am, however, aware of the discussions concerning crap cover art and - let's face it - some of it is bloody awful.



Anne D said...

I've commented to the powers that be that the LI covers have been pretty damn good lately. I mean I might be a bit biased cause I think mine looks smashing :)

I'm going to suggest 4=cobblestone, 2=LSB

Dusk Peterson said...

Um . . . I don't like any of them, really. The best of the lot, from my perspective, is #2, but you have to peer awfully closely in order to figure out what the background image is.

Elisa said...

My prefer:
3 - Loose Id (Croco Design)
2 - Liquid Silver Books
5 - Samhain Publishing (Anne Cain)
1 - Ellora's Cave
4 - Changeling Press

I think covers are really important. I love the work by Anne Cain, I think her style is unique. I also like Croco Design, H. Rose Meloche (wonderful cover for Torquere Press), P.L. Nunn (mostly Loose Id), Scott Carpenter.

And sometimes I bought a book cause I live its cover...