Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's a small genre, after all.

Although I attempt to comment on the erotic romance e-publishing industry I would be the first to admit I am not an insider. I did a lot of my writing in New Zealand and the rest in small middle American towns, I have been to a total of one convention. Ergo there are a few things I am only vaguely aware of and I would greatly appreciate further input.

For example, it is clear to me that many erotic romance epublishers are started by staff or authors who gain experience working with or for other publishers. Those that I know of include:

Silks Vault -[authors]-> Mardi Gras
Ellora's Cave -[staff]-> Samhain
eXtacy -[author]-> Mojocastle

I wonder if the peeps out there could add to this with descendants and a rough time scale to help draw a fully evolutionary tree of the industry today?


Anonymous said...

Tease Publishing is being formed by authors aligned with Mardi Gras and others.

Also, I think an author formerly with Whiskey Creek formed Midnight Showcase, I'm not certain.

Venus Press, I believe, was also started by an author, as was Cobblestone.

Phaze began and remains an imprint of Mundania Press, but the first Phaze publisher was once co-owner of Echelon Press.

Unknown said...

Actually, I was staff. I was a partner and EIC.

LTNS, Emily!

veinglory said...

Strangely enough I knew that, my fingers apparently didn't :(