Friday, May 18, 2007

The Last Taboo

It struck a chord with me when I read a comment in this thread saying that talking about money and earnings is the last taboo.

After inspecting my contracts and posting at the Absolute Write forums I can see no legal or ethical barrier to posting my own earnings publicly, across all publishers and rounded somewhat. And unless anyone can tell me why this is a really, really, bad idea this is what I plan to do.


Because there are two important things to know about erotic romance e-publishing. 1) Choosing the right publisher is very important, and 2) very few of us make very much money.

I am, as far as I can tell, fairly representative of a mid-level ebook writer with a day job. Ergo what I earn might be interesting or instructive to newer writers deciding where to submit. So disclosing my income is specifically meant to demonstrate that this income is comparatively small. Fortunately I don't keep my ego in my wallet so I have no personal embarrassment about this issue. It will also be a useful basis for discussing factors such as the impact of new releases, series, genre, promotion etc on monthly income.

So this is where you tell me why this really is a very bad idea....


Laura Bacchi said...

I'm not that brave :) It'll be interesting to see how others weigh in. Thanks for posting the Scalzi link - very informative.

Mya said...

I for one think that your efforts to inform writers, both new and old are extremely valuable. It's kinda like the Writer's Market for e-book writers giving perspective on not only money, but publisher style, news, genres accepted, even sale venues are important for the newbie starting out or the pro looking to submitt to somewhere new. For some it's a hobby, for some it's a part-time job and for some it's a full time job... still information helps the writer to get the most out of a piece.