Friday, May 18, 2007

Mrs. Giggles' Drinking Game

Mrs Giggles' Blog Drama Drinking Game, which I found via Monica Jackson's blog.

...and I quote:

"Jayne and Jane from Dear Author join the fray - 11 sips.
Karen Scott joins the fray - 11 sips.
Dionne Galace (Bam) joins the fray - 11 sips.
Emily Veinglory joins the fray - 11 sips.
Jayne, Jane, Karen, Bam, and Emily Veinglory in the house - 50 sips.
Those ladies and Nora Roberts in the house - drink until everything turns dark."

My ego was somewhat deflated by Monica Jackson's:

"I don’t really know who Emily Veinglory is or where is her blog"

...but I'll survive ;)

p.s. if you want to blog about this I suggest adding to Shiloh Walker's chain, chain, chain of bloggers: "And if you need a laugh… go here… found courtesy of Karen, who found it via Monica…who found at Mrs. Giggles…"

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