Monday, May 14, 2007

New Epub: Dark Eden Press

Epublishers are multiplying like bunnies these days. Here's another newbie that plans to open on June 15th.

Dark Eden Press

Taken from the front page of their website:

Dark Eden Press is a brand new company committed to publishing great novels and making our authors as happy as possible because without our authors we won’t be successful.

Our great staff is comprised of people who are also writers that will go out of their way to make sure your book is as good as it can possibly be before it goes out to the readers.

We are accepting submissions in all genres. Below you will find a list of the heat levels and what is not acceptable. We are accepting well-written stories with solid plots, well-developed settings, and characters that are fully developed. Your submitted story should fit into a specific genre and heat level; however, some crossover of genres is allowable.

We expect all submissions to be as free of mechanical errors in punctuation, grammar, and spelling as possible. We do have editors on staff, but we will not rewrite your story for you.

We do accept previously published works, but we can only accept your out of print works if you hold the exclusive rights. Should we accept your manuscript for publication, we will ask you to provide proof of rights.
Please send your query and first three chapters of your manuscript to


veinglory said...

I am updating the publisher list--so if there are any other new places I should knw about please throw the names my way!

Anonymous said...

Just what the industry needs....yet another mom & pop publisher run by people who have lousy graphics, and have apparently no business experience or qualifications to run a publishing company apart from being frustrated writers themselves (or they would have mentioned their names on their website along with their credits/qualifications). Good luck to the authors who will no doubt flock to them and sign away their work, since I give them about 6 months before they fall apart in financial disaster (like the majority) and the authors are scrambling to collect royalties.

Debra Durham said...

As the owner of Dark Eden, I have to take offense at the Mom and Pop, since there is no Pop here.

1. My graphics are not lousy. I have paid very highly to have one of the best in this industry come up with something that would appeal to our readers.

2. If you read the damn thing, you would have noticed that the website is under construction. But our names are on there.

3. I came up with a very good business plan, and have continued to follow it, AND employ professional artists and editors.

Thank you