Thursday, May 24, 2007

[New Market] Shadowrose

Dear Shadowrose proprietors,

Welcome to romance epublishing. Your website reminds me of many of the websites posted by start-up epublishers in this genre therefore I thought it might be instructive to make a few comments about it which are meant as a basis for discussion, rather than just to be a big meanie. If you would like to see more submissions from romance writers I would suggest the following.

1) Get rid of the contest that charges a $10 entry fee for manuscript submissions from unpublished writers and offers a contract and $50 as top prize ($25 for second place). Submitting to a start-up e-press is uninviting enough without being asked to pay for the privilege, let alone according to a format that allows you to turn a profit within seven submissions--this from a publisher claiming to "...receive upwards of 100 submissions per day". Furthermore do not plug a $4 self-published "short" ebook to potential authors instead of just requiring them to follow your submission guidelines. Make an effort to look like you wish to profit from selling books by other people (rather than your own?).

2) Be aware that you may not get as many romance submissions as you wish because you compare poorly to the competition not only in being a start-up but in many smaller but telling details. For example your covers are highly overused (Lulu?) stock graphics, you seem to require hard copy submission of accepted manuscripts and the use of author photos for publicity (not all authors are comfortable with his in the erotic genres). Ebooks are an instant gratification purchase. I suggest that you improve upon: "please allow 7-10 days delivery time." You need to look like you are investing in the success of the books you publish by paying cover artists and web-designers and filling ebook orders quickly.

3) You say "we" and "us" a lot but never say who you are and why you will be able to run a successful romance epublisher in this very crowded marketplace. If you know more about this biz than me (as a typical ebook writer) I might assume your approach is the correct one and I am being overly critical. Anonymity, however, is a red flag especially as it can disguise self-publishing by writers not able to be accepted elsewhere (c.f. a start up by a successful author). If this is a publisher run by Patricia Fuller and Erin Gordon, and printing is done via Lulu, it really is best to say so right on the publisher website--charging a higher cover price for your books through Shadowrose than you are through Lulu is only compounding the problem (currently $11.95 vs $14.50).

4) Get someone else to proofread your websites. e.g. "All submission should be sent electronically" and "The titles published are intended for mature audiances". If you must plug a self-published book on "Editor [sic] Pet Peeves and How to Avoid Them" to potential authors try and make sure that the links (both of them) are pointed to the correct place (currently one goes to your current releases where this work is not listed and the other goes to the surfer's own Lulu shopping cart). Cover links from the front page should go directly to that book, not just to the top of a page containing many books in a long column.

p.s. re: "We are looking for readers and reviewers. This is a non-paying position, but you will be the first to read and review new and upcoming titles." You want unpaid slush readers? Or am I off-base here and you are just looking for reviews to post online?


Laura Bacchi said...

Hmmmmm. Hopefully they'll take your advice.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful evaluation. I screetched to a grinding halt with this person after looking at the web site. Does this nut think I am going to let her proof read anything I am working on, is this publisher really a publisher? Shadowrose needs some professional help. I wonder if this is the same person that lost her job in the DOE of Florida?

Anonymous said...


I don't think I need professional help, and, no, I'm not a nut either.

I'm a small independent publisher that has things to learn in this business as a new publisher.

I've made updates on the website. The contest wasn't intended to generate $$ for Shadowrose at all--only to pay for itself and for mailing fees to the judges, actually. But, I'm correcting that and will be refunding the entry fees paid.

The self-published book I did ONLY because some of the things I was sent were so horrible I got irritated to be honest. The price certainly wasn't to net any proceeds. But, I took the advice and removed it from the site.

I'm always open to suggestions. As to the readers--most publishers use them, actually, not just us.

As for our staff--I have hired professional editors and artists and web designers--even if you do happen to catch a typo or two that passed us by. I found one on a major pub site the other day. None of us are perfect.

I do have a few covers from the first two books we published with Lulu covers--because the authors liked them. So, I'm afraid we're keeping them.

All the other covers were designed by one of three artists. And quite well if I do say so.

All our titles are on Lulu--books sell there--we are about sales--we are a business. Our books are also on Amazon, Fictionwise, Allromance ebooks and several other outlets.

Patricia Fuller
Shadowrose Publishing

Anonymous said...

One more comment--as I've explained to you before, Emily--we do not do our printing through Lulu.

As for the 7-10 days--if you know of a way to mail a print book faster than 7-10 days--please let me know. I don't. E-books are available for immediate download.

As you know, Emily, from the Diva forum, I've never made a secret that I am and always was Patricia Fuller.

veinglory said...

I wrote that impression of your website before having any notion or your company or yourself and as my first impression it is what it is.

What have explained was, in fact, *since* (May 24th).

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the heck happened with Patricia Fuller and Shadowrose?

The site is down and she is nolonger replying to any author correspondences, at least none of the authors under contract that I've spoken to.