Tuesday, May 01, 2007

[PROMO-ish] Dealing Straight by Emily Veinglory--and writers' habits...

As a member of Romance Divas where being 'giggled' has become an widely understood term, and a long time fan of romance reader/blogger Mrs Giggles I finally bit the proverbial bullet and sent her one of my novellas. After all, I have always said that an honest review is better than a glowing review--because readers gravitate to the former and get very cynical about the latter.

So the review for my MM coyboy novella Dealing Straight is up today. Due to some issues with the Mrs. Giggles website it is at an alternative url. And I scored a respectable 82!

"Dealing Straight delivers what those old cowboy movies featuring oh-so rugged men in tight jeans vowing brotherhood forever and how no women can tear them apart only hint at: hot consummation of the love that cannot be spoken aloud."

And that pretty much does sum it up.

She goes on to pick up some issues that have been on my mind recently. Anyone who reads my work will detect that my heroes are, um, wimps. Really, the whine, they bitch, they make sarcastic remarks and they take ages to actually do anything about their problems. My hero's love interests on the other hand are, um, perfect. Handsome strong and riding to the rescue. Looking at my two works-in-progress I think.... hmmm, more of the same.

So sue me, that's my thing. But it is getting a bit old. I am curious if y'all find yourself falling into a certain dynamic between your main characters and what you do about it. I am thinking that it might be time to write alternating points of view. That would help flesh out the love interest character rather than have him be the 'idealised' sort all the time. I am probably going to start by writing a sequel to my werewolf novella 'Eclipse of the Heart' written entirely from the former 'love interest's point of view. I have plotted a story idea for one of my rare alpha male types who has been a secondary character in two previous novellas.

So, in short, I have no idea if a Mrs Giggles review will send readers running off to buy my book but it gave me some food for thought and is certainly something I would do again.


Jules Jones said...
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Jules Jones said...

She's said that my heroes all tend to be the same type. And she's right, and I need to do something about it. (Though she's wrong about the Mary-Sue tendencies -- they're my idealised love object, not my idealised me.)

But I already know I have writing tics, because Predatrix (aka Alex Woolgrave) neatly listed them in a parody fanfic a few years back...