Sunday, May 27, 2007

That 'n' That

[SIMON AND SCHUSTER] Simon & Schuster, theoretically a highly reputable press, are now offering contracts that allow them to keep rights to books even after they are out of print (and rights would normally revert to the author). This is likely a grab for future e-book rights. They are also running a rather odd "Book Idol" system where the public can vote on book proposals. But even of you do want the "prize" of a deal with S & S, read the fine print of this contest.

[RED SAGE] I have to wonder about the commitment of Red Sage to its new ebook line when the website has been down for days without explanation.

[SIREN] Siren are solicting erotic romance submissions via Craigslist. Why does that strike me as... odd.

[HABEUS GREENUS] I will be reporting my earnings as promised, see: here. You may now point and laugh. :)

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