Tuesday, June 05, 2007



You may, like me, have received an email that begins: "Dear Writer, Canadian Aid Charity invites you to participate in the 2007 ANNUAL CANADIAN AID LITERARY AWARD CONTEST."

Here is some commentary from some respectable sources:

"Is something fishy going on? I have no idea. But the raffle information is worded to encourage people to assume that Canadian Aid Charity and BookLand Press have no connection other than their cooperation in this fundraising venture--and to my mind, that's deceptive." Victoria Strauss

"Charges fee. Conflict of interest. Not recommended." Preditors and Editors


Total-e-bound: July 2nd.


The great 'strikethrough' event is still not properly resolved.


Simon & Schuster have backed down on their rights grab and agreed a sales threshold below which a book would be considered out of print. They blame the kerfuffle on a "miscommunication"--yeah, right.


Mardi Gras have recently amended their terms to allow unspecified publisher costs to be deducted from the author's royalties [bold added]: "We pay quarterly royalties of 40% on ebooks on retail sales from those sales originating from our web site, minus costs. We pay 15% royalties on retail sales minus distribution costs for those sales which originate from various distribution channels we utilize."

I continue to be interested in hearing author's experiences with this house. I have received reports from three authors of negative experiences of various kinds.


Arin Rhys said...

Man, a few of my good LJ friends moved over to greatest journal because of 6Apart and its stupidity.

Jules Jones said...

I bagged a placeholder on GJ just in case, but I'm not going unless my friends do. And they seem to be mostly staying put for now. Though I've been meaning to get a GJ account even before this, as I know lots of people who use it as an emergency backup for when LJ is DDoSed.

I suppose I should get a placeholder on MySpace as well. But that site's interface makes me want to spork my eyes out. :-( I'd rather learn how to use WordPress and an RSS aggregator on my own website...