Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Web Bitchery...

It may be faintly ironic that this issue has been most recently mentioned by the site called Book Bitches, but they have a point. The internet allows authors and readers unparalleled access to each other. But it seems that its immediacy is something of a double-edged sword. I have been pulled into more than a few online hissy-fit-cat-fights myself and it is never, never a good idea.

The four rules I try to follow these days are simple: do a little research on a situation before wading in, give an opinion as an opinion, give the benefit of the doubt, and never use personal insults. To anyone I encountered before I hit upon this approach I apologise without reservations, and if you ever catch me in a lapse call me on it. If you want to join me in this pledge of digital civility, please do. I do believe hypocrisy is just part of the human condition but I try to keep it to a minimum :)


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[Edited to add] By totally coincidence as this post was sitting in the drafts folder an example of the internet-turmoil emerges (not that it would ever take long for an example to emerge these days).

Best summarised by Dear Author: Kathryn Falk from Romantic Times posts a lengthy comment against blogger Karen Scott over a book review for an Ellora's Cave book suggesting negative reviews are somehow... well, pretty much equivalent to stomping kittens (read it yourself if you dare). Other senior RT staff seem to support the outburst. Meanwhile (um, conflict-of-interest-wise) the same Kathryn Falk has written a book due out by the Lotus Circle an imprint owned by the same people who own Ellora's Cave.

p.s. my hypocrisy may already be showing, dammit....

[Edited to Add] Or maybe it kinda wasn't but was actually Falk who did or didn't say.... something. Or not.

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