Monday, May 21, 2007

The ‘What If…’ Game

A lot of great ideas come from playing ‘what if’ with yourself. Many a book was started this way. I thought, since I’m steadily running out of things to blog about, that we could start playing a game on Mondays. I’ll throw out a ‘what if’ question and you guys can chime in with your answers. You never know where you might get the inspiration for your next project.

This weeks question:

What if the man/woman you loved was a dud in the sack?

Now, if these were my characters, I would have one partner leave in a huff. Then the other could swoop in years (or maybe months) later and sweep their loved one off their feet with all the fancy new skills they'd learned in an effort to win their partner back.

How about you?


Diana Celesky said...

I think I'd opt for some light comedy and have the characters (at least the one who's a dud in the sack) embark upon training to improve performance skills (books, school, a private "tutor"). There would be a lot of possibilities with or without additional characters.

veinglory said...

I think sex can be disasterously bad early in a relationship until you get rid of being self-conscious, tense, inexperience, and worried about all sorts of stuff. It makes for great awkward comedy sex... then the path to recovery throw something like trus or learning to let go. It would be great 2 POV story showing all those paranoid thoughts people have when a relationship is struggling.

Amanda Young said...

Great thoughts. For some reason, my brain went into "marriage mode" and I was seeing the characters in a long relationship before their sex life fizzled out. That just goes to show you how different people think of things though.

Anonymous said...

The adventures of Sheila Furman, E.S.S. (Extreme Sexual Surrogate) A driven young woman whose one passion in life is to help limp-noodled couples reignite theirs.