Thursday, May 03, 2007

What People are Searching for When They Surf Here

I know it's nosy, sorry, but Google Analytics tells me the search engine keywords people use to get the this site. My top ten favorites, or maybe not favorite... just well, you'll see:

adjectives to use when writing erotica
[I'll take suggestions from the studio audience]

wiggly graph
[The best kind]

dark exotic sexy vampire names
[So not Eugene, then? Rupert? Egbert?]

lesbians "do they use vibrators"
[...and can I watch?]

bleck pussy
[Would that be Linda Bleck, illustrator of 'A Natural History of Sex : The Ecology and Evolution of Mating Behavior'? No?]

shirtless firefighter
[The best kind]

sexy shirtless firefighter
[I stand corrected]

erotica cucumber
[GBLTV? Vegesexuals don't get no respect]

asexuals threaten adult
[Give me your wallet or I will not have sex... right... here!]

food for killer crab alien
[guacamole, take my word for it. Everyone keeps feeding them unconscious blonde bimbettes but really!]

Got any of your own to share? Think I should stop spying?


Amanda Young said...

Those are hilarious. The ones I get are pretty standard. Cock, cunt and the like. Nothing funny like that. lol

veinglory said...

The funny thing is that almost none of the search terms people use to come here are used more than once with the exceptiomn, preictably, or erotic and romance. I have hundreds of very specific and somewhat baffling term uses :)

Jules Jones said...

I get some very odd ones. But the ones that usually amuse me are the ones where someone was clearly looking for porn, but not the type of porn they found. :-)

Laura Bacchi said...

First laugh I had all day :) These were great!