Monday, June 11, 2007

[MARKET] Draumr

The romance world throngs with slang and acronyms. Here is one I had to look up: BBW is 'big beautiful woman'. Draumr is one publisher with a focus on romance with BBW and men of any size, they also consider many other genres--"We are currently seeking submissions for Draumr Publishing fiction genres such as science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, adventure, suspense/thriller, non-bbw romances (including all the subgenres listed above), and gay/lesbian stories. DP has a minimum word count requirement of 50,000 words and there is currently no maximum."

I will be a bit preoccupied for the next couple of weeks moving and starting a new job, so if the other EREC blog members have some news or views to post, now would be a good time. To become a member just email ERECmail at

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