Sunday, June 10, 2007

Vote on the Pet Meme

The gift packages ready and need to get posted soon as I am moving--so one week to vote by comment or email at ERECmail at

Cat: Ripley, Princess, Molly
Dogs: Scotty, Sydney, Frinkle King and honorary dog Briana.

Did I miss anyone?


Laura Bacchi said...

Briana update, in case anyone is interested... She has a new Panda fish friend, but the store owner didn't know if this one was a male or female. Either way, they've become fast friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Seeing that Molly's favorite show is The Sopranos, I'd be a bad (and dead) mommy if I didn't vote for her. Even as I type this, she's giving me a funny look.

And we love Briana as honorary dog.

Anne D said...

Poor old Princess Meowmies has been under the weather lately. A new 'friend' named Chicken (yeah I know I'm a bit screwy I named my cat Chicken) arrived. I wish I could say they were as fast friends as Briana and her new fishy friend, but they have their moments, and seem to be as equally screwy in the head as each other - which makes for hilarious watching on our new wood floors :)