Friday, June 15, 2007

Yet another new romance e-publisher

I debated about putting the 'yet' in the title. I don't want to imply that there is anything wrong with Red Rose Publishing. Red Rose was founded by Wendi Felter who apparently has a previous connection with Mardi Gras, and who gets some degree of respect from her peers at the Romance Divas forum. They already have staff and authors on board although the website is incomplete and has some bad links it promises to be business-like and functional (devoid of the usual deformed poser vixens). The books are reasonably priced (60k+ novels at $5.99) and the royalties high (40-50%), assuming they are based on retail. All in all, a promising start assuming there is a good marketing plan behind the curtain just waiting to roll out and take the readers by storm.

Nevertheless I think the sheer number of new epublishers is something of an issue these days. I have heard won't list new erotic romance epublishers until they have been in business a year. To my mind choosing to go with a start up is something of a separate issue to approaching one of the more established companies. For this reason I will now be listing markets less than one year old separately further down our publisher list.

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