Friday, July 13, 2007

Attempting a List of Dropped Publishers

Re: publishers no long qualifying for "official publisher participation" at RWA cons [proxy recognition]. If you have news, please share.

* Ellora's Cave (from Jane,, unofficial, and I am only guessing what this terse message means?--also see here)

* Samhain (from Angela, Samhain, posted here unofficial in that it is not confirmed by RWA)

* June Editor Paula Juran suggests that St. Martin's would not qualify.

There are various rumours about the 'vanity' definition and whether it will be applied as literally described. The $1000 advance requirement, however, seems firm. Quite coincidentally ebooks tend to earn only through royalties. Of course I would like to hear whether this is affecting formerly recognised print presses that pay lower advances than this.

Here, for reference, is the list of recognised publishers:

Avalon Books
Avon Books
Baker Book House
Bantam Dell Publishing Group
Barbour Publishing, Inc. & Heartsong Pocket Books
BelleBooks [?]
Bethany House
Brilliance Audio
Broadman & Holman
Cook Communications Ministries
Crossings Book Club
Dorchester Publishing
Ellora's Cave [?]
Grand Central Publishing (formerly Warner Books)
Granite Publishing
Harlequin Enterprises
HarperCollins/HarperCollins Children's Books
Harvest House
Hodder Headline Publishing Group
Howard Publishing
Hyperion Books for Children
Kensington Publishing Corp.
Kregel Publications
Llewellyn Worldwide
Loose Id, LLC
Loveland Press
Medallion Press
Multnomah Publishers (Random House)
New American Library (NAL)
Premium Press America
Red Sage Publishing
Samhain Publishing [?]
Severn House
Sourcebooks, Inc.
St. Martin's Press [?]
Thomas Nelson
Triskelion Publishing
Tyndale House Publishers
Virgin Books Ltd.

p.s. on the issue of: "After extensive discussion, the Board decided not to add an erotic romance category to the contests due in part to the inherently indefinable nature of erotic romance."

It's a romance with sex scenes. Love + HEA + fornication. Now was that so hard?

This post at AbsoulteWrite is gold.


Dionne Galace said...

I thought the word "romance" just meant the romantic leads will be put through an emotional, mental, and physical wringer... and somehow make it and get an HEA.

the word "erotic" tagged on to it just means they're going to fuck each other all sorts of ways, get put through the same wringers, and THEN get an HEA.

What's so hard to understand?

Madelynne Ellis said...

I love that definition! Fornication is such a good word.

Lynne Simpson said...

BelleBooks isn't an e-pub, but they should be off the list now because 80% of the books in their catalog are by principals of the company.