Thursday, July 12, 2007

Changes at Cacoethes

"What are Cacoethes Publishing House’s contract terms? Please note that a full contract will be supplied for review upon acceptance of a story. However, royalties are 40% for digital releases and 35% for print books. The length of grant of publishing rights is the full term of your given contract. This includes digital, print, audio, translation, and secondary/subsidiary rights. Royalty payments are quarterly."

So, from wanting more rights than they could possibly use for the length of the copy right to wanting them for no specified standard term. Because, um, that's obviously more kosher.

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Erastes said...

Hi Emily,

I've been following the Dear Author feed and notice that Samhain and others are not likely to get RWA recognition - I wondered if you would be be interested in doing a joint post with research, once the RWA con is over, as to who is getting RWA recog and who isn't - I think our readers/writers should know.

Waddya think?

Kind regards