Friday, July 27, 2007

Do You?

Most e-publishers do not register copyright. In most countries this doesn't matter much as registration of copyright is neither necessary nor advantageous. In the US registration is necessary to sue for monetary damages if your work is plagiarised. For this reason most e-publishers either require or recommend that authors register copyrights

But do you?

a) yes
b) no
c) sometimes
d) copywhat?

For the RWA fix on the vanity defintion, see dearauthor


L.E. Bryce said...

I absolutely register copyright for every work that gets published.

Emily Veinglory said...

We have an a) ! :)

Emily Veinglory said...

My approach so far has been to not register. My estimate is that I am very highly unlikely to ever end up suing for damages in a US court. So I see that as about $500 saved and no down side yet....

Lara Santiago said...

I register the copyright on my print books.
I also don't expect to sue anyone for damages but it seems more official to have them registered. :)