Saturday, July 28, 2007

Master of my (Internet) Domain?

So as the annual RWA kerfuffle wends on, with the redefinition of 'vanity', I wonder....

Whatever position one takes on the more traditional romance organizations like RWA and RT, does they really warrant the amount of commentary the blogverse provides? What if I simply no longer commented on either, or on the whole issue of people saying rude things on other blogs?

Is the latest round of romance organisation wagon-circling or most creative recent use of the word 'fucktard' really something you want to know about? It is obviously grist for the blog, but how important is it really in the process of writing, publishing and marketing erotic romance ebooks?

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veinglory said...


I am so not commenting. And if you don't know what I am not commenting on--congratulations on having a real non-blog-based life :)