Thursday, July 19, 2007

Purging the TBR Pile

I was in one of those fugues where the TV was bad but I couldn't quite be bothered changing the channel. A man was explaining a common problem people have with their stock portfolios (I don't have stocks... I haven't even got a paid off credit card). Which is that when they need money the sell the good stocks and keep the bad ones. After the do this a few times they have no good stocks and all bad ones.

Which brings me to my 'To Be Read' pile. I pull things off it and read them--but I leave more and more on there. There are plenty of good books that I mean to read. But for some reason they just don't grab me. Does anyone else have this problem, a big stagnant TBR pile that needs a little clearing out and freshening up? Time to just let some of them go?

1. Cuffed by Candlelight, anthology -- I have read half of this so it stays. First story was great, second one is dragging but will soon be over and I have hopes for the third.

2. A Clash of Fangs by Roger Hyttinen A gay vampire book I can't get into. Who knew that was possible?

3. Reason to Believe by Jessica Inclan I tried for months to read this book. There is nothing wrong with it, the writing is good, the idea is okay, but every time I pick it up I am struck by the urge to alphabetise my soup cans instead. Go figure.

4. Muse by Leigh Ellwood I will read this at some point. This is not that point.

5. Pulling Strings by Jules Jones This stays. The problem with ebooks is I kind of forget which ones I have. This I can read.

6. Deep Down by Katherine D Jones I'm half way through and what started as a really good romance become a bad spy/CIA type novel where I kinda wished the villain would just shoot them.

7. In the Dark by Rob Graham Hmmm. This stays.

8. Vrolock by Nolene by Patricia Dougan This stays as I am reviewing it but I do not feel enthused.

9. Iridescent Invasion by Sapphire Phelan I've actually read this, yay! I just need to make time to write the review.

10. Master of Obsidian by Jamie Craig This stays

11. Brighid's Quest by PC Cast It opened with 15 pages of backstory, sorry.

12. Vampire in Sensible Shoes by Sasha Flynn Maybe I'll get back to it but it is not officially TBR anymore.

13. SummerWorld by Serdar Yegulalp Reading this now.

Okay, so that has opened up a few spots. Now all I need are some suggestions to help me fill it up again! How are your TBR piles looking? Read anything recently you'd recommend?


Pepper Espinoza said...

I'm glad to see Master survived the purge :) I've been looking forward to your review.

veinglory said...

You are now #5 ;)

Jessica Barksdale Inclan said...

Yikes!! Yikes!! This is frightening. I truly want my stories to be better than arranging soup cans, but I suppose there could be worse things that you might want to do before reading my book.

Have you read the first one in the trilogy? That might help. I would be happy to send you one if you haven't.

Anyway, I hope your cupboards are clutter free at this point and all in order.


Jessica Inclan

veinglory said...

I just put it down to chemistry. I recognised the writing was good and the mythos was fresh. I don't know why I couldn't get into it. Maybe the stars just aren't aligned right. ;)