Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So apparently somewhere on the big ass swan hat thread thangs got nasty and Dear Author and Smart Bitches are now doing a cross between a post mortem and a Frankenstein zap. If there is a general point to be made it is something like can-slash-should we be nice to each other. I think most of us know that answer to that. Those who don't are unlikely to have an epiphany soon. (Okay, except for the Jack booby thing, that was just mean and I am repentant). I am starting to wonder if the other approach might be delete comments that are personal insults and moooove right along? After all, people who start histrionics and cat fights generally love to continue them, but get bored and wander off when they stop.

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Laura Bacchi said...

It's all kinda depressing. We have this great tool to communicate with others then some flame war erupts, people get hurt... Why can't people just get along? Maybe I'm too naive.

I'm to the point where I want to stop reading blogs, period. At the very least I plan to boycott any "blogs behaving badly."