Friday, July 06, 2007

So, um, good luck with that then.

From Double Dragon e-books:

We are eagerly searching for EROTIC LITERATURE which will meet the submission guidelines of our sister company, Carnal Desires Publishing.

Carnal Desires Publishing is a new Double Dragon Publishing company that will aggressively market your title. While being primarily an eBook publishing house, plans are in place to release in the mass market format, titles that reach a certain level of gross sales within the eBook market and have the potential to go further.

It is our goal to make Carnal Desires Publishing a multi-million dollar venture within the next 5 years! If you have an erotic story that you would like published, please consider visiting to view her submission guidelines. Our Grand Opening is scheduled for October 2007, but we will start reviewing submissions on September 1st 2007.

Authors of erotic romance : we will welcome your submissions on September 1, 2007!


Anonymous said...

Yawn.....yet another new publisher of erotica. Anyone besides me getting tired of all these lame places opening up? And why can't ANY of them do something original? Even the cover art has that "copycat" silliness of putting the name of the company across the top (which, to me, signifies an "amateur" company)...all of these places need to think on their own instead of copying Ellora's Cave's every action. It's getting pathetic.

Jules Jones said...

Not *quite* new -- Double Dragon's been around for a long time. The erotica imprint's a new thing, though.

Anne D said...

THIS: The image created for a particular book will appear both in the ebook file of the work, and on the print version, if the author elects to offer a print version. makes me a little wary - though I haven't looked up Double Dragon yet. But that rings bells for some reason.

Jules Jones said...

It's a phrase that should make you want to dig deeper, but in this case it's probably all right. They started as an ebook house with occasional POD, but as far as I can tell from the outside, they've decided that if they've got the file anyway, Lulu is an easy way to do print for any authors who want a dead tree edition.

There's someone on one of the sf writer forums who's published with them --his best-selling book has sold over 1100 copies so far, and titles in that series seems to be selling around 100-300 copies per half year. On the other hand, some of his other (older) titles are selling around 15-30 copies per reporting period. That's for a science fiction title, not a romance title.

Amy Redwood said...

"It is our goal to make Carnal Desires Publishing a multi-million dollar venture within the next 5 years!"
That's quite a goal... it will be interesting to see where they are in a year's time.

Anonymous said...

Fat a year's time? Probably, like the majority of new e-pubs, going out of business, hastily filing for bankruptcy, and confronting (or avoiding) ticked off authors and staff who haven't been paid a penny.