Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Tour of Selected Newbies with Mistress Emily

Rosa Romance, opened January 2007. They describe their genre as 'Hollywood romance' (TM) [inserted eye-rolling smiley here] with some detours into science fiction and... toddler's T-shirts. Presented as a division of an un-named film studio. The submission page ends with "Thank you for trusting us with your work!" after requiring a signed disclaimer that the author will not hold them responsible for producing work that just happens to bear a close resemblance any submission sent. So trust is indeed required. I am not implying an publisher is going to bother stealing manuscripts but this submission procedure is odd enough to put a few writers off IMHO and seems rather unecessary. No named owners or staff.

Mistress Emily says: Looks like some people associated in some way with TV or movies wanted to publish their own books. I wouldn't suggest other writers rush out and submit to them given their slim to nil profile and no evidence of good sales figures. But if you are in the movie or TV biz and write in that setting it might be worth looking into because new e-presses need a clear niche and they do seem to have one (but are there readers for it?).

That Erotic Pleasure's planned August 1st launch is already a delayed date. The website has many broken links, generic content and unattractive design. No ISBNs assigned to their books. No named owners or staff.

Mistress Emily says: Is that really the best name for a press they could come up with? I see nothing to recommend this press so far, in fact very little information at all. So I guess it is a matter of wait and see.

Modern Fantasies opened January 2007. Nice looking website but Modern Fantasies is presenting itself as a publisher while simultaneously soliciting authors and publishers "interested in print or other negotiation of rights". Maybe the owners are named if they are also the three named authors?

Mistress Emily says: color me confused.


Dionne Galace said...

dude... when will so-called "professional" publishing companies learn the importance of a good site identity and design?

veinglory said...

I was kind of intending to be meaner n the issue (hence the whip) but I really am no more than 5% snark by volume (and 0% trans-snark).

Barbara Sheridan said...

*orders a bottle of Eau de Snark for Emily*

I must have said this a dozen times on this blog alone but WHY do these new companies not realize who important it is to list who the owners are and what their qualifications are?

veinglory said...

I don't know. I usually give thousands of dollars worth of my time to shadowy figures wearing masks. But only if they offer me candy ;)

p.s. I hesitate to think what Eau de Snark would smell of. Steel, citrus and wet poodle?

Dionne Galace said...

p.s. I hesitate to think what Eau de Snark would smell of. Steel, citrus and wet poodle?

Well, I wear it everyday. It really smells like cheap tequila, Kretek cigarettes, a festering wound where my soul is supposed to be, and miserable childhood

Oh, hey, your post is up.

Anonymous said...

Just what the world needs....more shifty publishers ala Venus Press who will vanish in about a year with everyone's money! Let's hope authors are smart and steer clear.

veinglory said...

So should I make a list of my 'publisher crushes'? There are some newish, smallish ones that I would so submit to.