Sunday, August 12, 2007

At First Glance: Allure Books

Allure Books

I noticed this publisher after the user 'allurebooks' posted at this blog as well as a few others industry blogs.

My first impression was the the web design is poor. This included confusing internal and external (advertising) links, variability across pages (not all flexible width) and a less than useful site map. I don't like the colors either but that might just be me. The first line is: "We offer you exciting erotic fiction where the hero's [sic] and heroines meet..." The wayback machine shows this typo has been on the page for at least two years. The banner specifies 2000-2006 (on their lulu store 2000-2005) which also makes it look like they are not paying attention to the site.

However I am intrigued that this publisher focused on erotica while obviously also being largely limited to 'romance' types. It would be good to see more publishers of erotica with variable romance content rather than the other way around. There appears to be a specific niche focusing on submissive-female fantasies including seduction, slavery and spanking. I would recommend a clearer statement somewhere as to their niche. I don't read submission erotica so if they publish anything else it would pay to let people know--or have any clear statement as to their scope.

Apparently open since 2000 this one has passed under my radar until now. They are also not listed at Piers Anthony or Preditors & Editors. It is stated as owned by women but the owners are not named, I imagine they are also the authors. Allure does not appear to be open to, um, submissions.


Anonymous said...

I used to check out Allure's website but never bought from them.
I'm just not that into female submission. On the other hand if I found an erotic romance epublisher dedicated to male submission I'd probably go broke.

I wish there was more of a market for sexy, romantic femdom erotica. According to several epublishers I've contacted, I'm very much in a minority with my preferences. Not only is femdom unpopular in erotic romance, but I've noticed several books where dommes are revealed as true subs. I get the feeling that some erotic romance writers feel that femdom goes against the natural order.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why that is, that it is so unpopular. I love to read femdom stories and would publish them if I received any good submissions, but they few I have gotten, are pretty much as you said...the woman is revealed to be a closet sub lol. I hate that.

I would love to have more femdom stories out there. I know lots of women who would snatch them up.

Dark Eden

veinglory said...

Since mentioning I was making an alphafem and femdom reading lists I have got a lot of emails, mainly from men ;) I think Femdom would do well from a publisher that is not branded so 'romancy' and will appeal to men and women.

Hey, Deb. How about a Femdom and alpha fem anthology. I'd be up for it and I have a somewhat dormant yahoogroup of femdom authors I could hit up for other contributors. Maybe something with a spec fic theme ? I bet there are more readers for it than people think if you can tap the market right.