Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Attack of the 'Meh'

As we speak I have a novella sitting, all but finished, on my desktop. There is only one more scene that needs to be written—the penultimate sex scene. It really is that most virtuous of things, a necessary sex scene. An even if it wasn’t it would need to be written as the whole novella has only one other full sex scene in it and customer do start to get weird and snarls if you sell them an erotic romance novella sans erotica.

But, you know, I’m just not feeling it. Especially for a scene that I built up to throughout most of the middle of the story by throwing in a plot element that might make sex fatal to one or both people involved. The obstacle is removed and after all this yearning and lusting the sex damn well ought to be spectacular. But….


I do think that one of the side effects of slotting myself largely into the erotic romance genre is that I sometimes write a little more erotica than I would if left entirely to my own devices. And while a little of what you fancy does you good—a little too much of it makes you fancy it less. If that makes any sense at all?

And despite being one of those annoying people who thinks that if you want to be a writer you should sit down and damn well write rather than whine about motivations and blocks, sex scenes are the one thing I don’t normally ‘push’. A bad piece of dialogue or action is just bad, but a bad sex scene is excruciating.

So I guess it’s time for a nice bottle of Merlot and an inspirational video. Any recommendations? Something with some man-on-man by people actors who actually do a tiny bit of, um, acting? Because y’know the pr0n DVDs I have bought so far (online) were better inspiration for comedy or horror than erotica…..


Anne D said...

Wine and Porn ... where can you go wrong? :)

I've been feeling the same over my current WIP, but I think I've broken it's back. We shall see when I go back over it in editing.

veinglory said...

LOL, people have sent their recommendations off-blog. And I appreciate them!

Laura Bacchi said...

Any chance we convince you to share? :D

veinglory said...

Hmm. Perhaps a few more recs would allow me to post a MM-pr0n top 10?