Friday, August 31, 2007

* The Eppie Awards are open to submissions starting tomorrow. $30 entry fee, for all genres of ebook.

* A Barnes and Nobles/Borders merger is starting to look more and more likely.

* Although Romance Writers of America (RWA) is out of the 'recognition' business they have revealed a list of "non-vanity, non-subsidy" publishers in the members area of their website which currently bears a closely resemblance to the previous list of recognised publishers (with the addition of Wild Rose Press).

* One of the more unfortunate losers in the closing of Mardi Gras may be St Judes Children's Research who who were meant to benefit from the sale of the charity anthology A Pirate's Treasure, which appears to still be on sale.

* There is a new online review site specifically for MM, FF and transgender titles.

* If you friended All Romance ebooks on myspace you need to go and redo it as they lost their flist due to hacking of the account.


Anonymous said...

Yes, RWA also added Amber Quill Press since several of their authors made "PAN" status! I'm thrilled!!!

veinglory said...

Looks like the MGP website is down now.