Wednesday, August 01, 2007

eRedSage contracts?

The word is the new Red Sage ebook contract includes:

* Rights for length of copyright
* Right of first refusal on all future works
* Exclusive rights to pen name
* Rights grab on the submitted work (TV, translation etc) and derivative works
(to name but a few issues, there are more)

Which would be red flag, red flag, red flag and big honking incarnadine flag of doom.

Can anyone confirm these clauses? Because if so this goes straight to the 'not recommended' pile just two days after going live (Yes, that would be a new record).


Barbara Sheridan said...

For me the really important part is --Are they willing to negotiate on this stuff?

veinglory said...

That is very important. Larger presses often have one or two of these grabby clauses and just shrug if you strike them. But this contract has half a dozen questionable clauses and is from a start-up. Hence I am less sanguine.

Anonymous said...

From what I gather, there's also a clause that states something along the lines of "author is not allowed to work on any other projects when working on a story for us," so authors who thrive on writing multiple works simultaneously are in trouble also.

Anonymous said...

Is this just their contract for the ebooks, or is this SOP for all their books? And if so, why does anybody agree to tht?

veinglory said...

I believE it is a general contract covering both print and ebook. I can only assume authors either negotiative extensively (anyone know RS authgors also publishing elsewhere?) or settle for these terms?

Anonymous said...

All this stuff is included in a contract for a short erotica story (about 11,000 words). They want print, film, etc. rights for everything, even though the story is way too short for print, etc. Needless to say, I said "no."

Anonymous said...

I know one author who writes for them and one other place, and she said she had no trouble negotiating what she needed.

They're not a startup. They've been in business for quite a while.

veinglory said...

The 'start-up" was in reference to epublishing. Which relative to print publishing is the same, but different.

Dionne Galace said...

I'm sorry... bitch say what?



Someone please confirm that shit.

Anonymous said...

Many of their authors are also published with major houses. They just requested my full, so....if it goes to contract, we'll find out.

With that said, RS has an amazing rep, and the writers I know who work with them are all happy and publishing in plenty of places. I can't see them doing an unfair rights grab.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what is usual for length of copyright? And how does a new author find out what contract clauses are industry standard and what red flag?

veinglory said...

Most e-publisher's standard contracts ask for 1-5 years, a few as high as 7. A simple signature can extend the contract for another term if you are happy and they are still interested.