Friday, August 24, 2007

Want to Practise Your Press Release?

I know a few writers have tried crafting a press release about one of their books, with variable and typically under-whelming success. But perhaps if we got a little better at there things, and were willing to aim for smaller, local media and make it interesting to them, press releases would work more often?

All in all I am curious to see your press releases if you have them. So how about sending them along (ERECmail at If I like them I will blog about the book and post a cover spot in the sidebar. (After all, what are blogs but the very small press!):)

Are many writers trying this approach? Any success stories, tip, tricks or advice?

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Unknown said...

As a publisher and an author, I have found that press releases, worded properly, can work in certain markets. Press release blasts seldom work. They have to be target specifically.

Our authors have had a lot of successes with press releases we have prepared for them, even getting media interviews and speaking engagements.

So in my opinion, it all hinges on the professionalism of the press release and where it is sent.