Sunday, September 02, 2007

New Press Round UP

Based in this website they seem to have been open since January 2007--opening to general submissions September 1st
I find the website to be very slow loading. e-POD paying quarterly royalties. All genres including romance and erotica. Named staff with bios. Lachesis appears to be associated with LBF who have a pretty good reputation.

Mystic Moon
Opening September 15th
Staff are listed by name but without bios or credentials. No mention of contract terms. No apparent specific niche.

Romance Divine
Founded some time in 2006
Includes erotic romance in the curiously named "Beyond the Bedroom" category. Named staff with bios, the highlights of which seem to be books with Publish America, and moderating yahoogroups.

If you know more please let us in on it!


Unknown said...

IMHO "Beyond the Bedroom Door" would make more sense, otherwise it makes me think of people who like to have sex in semi-public areas ;)

Maura Anderson said...

I don't know more about the ones you have listed but I notice two pubs not on your list just off the top of my head:

Aspen Mountain Press
Dark Eden Press

veinglory said...

Thanks, those are two I should definitely have, I'm published in an anthology by Aspen Mountain press and increasinly impressed by Drak Eden. Two up and comers from the latest batch IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that Mystic Moon's web creators didn't include the "p" in their http links so you can navigate their site! :-)