Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ask the LoveBunny--veinglory

Do you have any questions about erotic romance epublishing, but were afraid to ask? Send you questions to ERECmail at marked 'Attention: the LoveBunny' or by comment (anonymous if you prefer).

Whether your questions are serious, sarcastic or just plain crazy the LoveBunny promises to have an answer. The correct answer? Well, we make no promises about that.


Anonymous said...

Wy is it that erotic romance writers always insist the story and relationship and characters are the important things, but promo almost nothing but sex?

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Because it's often the "sex" that sets the genre apart. Usually I promo a little of both, but hot sex is definitely part of it.

Anonymous said...

Because when we try to promo based on the story and relationship, the readers ignore us.