Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Free Reads?--veinglory

Here is a question: do you offer complete free stories? If you do is it just as a service or perk, to get feedback or to encourage sales of your other work? My thinking so far is that if I place a story with an online market it does double duty as being a freebie I can show people, and introducing my work to the readers of that zine. Honestly I have so little writing time I prefer to have all my words out there earning for me these days. But presumably a sample is the best way for potential readers to work out whether they will enjoy a writer's published work....


Laura Bacchi said...

I have two up on my site to offer something extra to those who stop by. They're shorts from Ruthie's Club that I didn't find a market for elsewhere after the 6-month exclusivity period, so I figured I'd share them. I've used them as promo and like you said, to introduce people to the way I write.

Celia Kyle said...

I do freebies. I have a themed freebie site that I coordinate/co-founded (www.pinkchairdiaries.com) where I also feature other authors AND I write small "epilogues" for some of my works (1-2k) for readers. The epilogues give me a chance to visit characters I wasn't ready to let go of just yet and give readers a glimpse of my writing style before they buy.

Imp said...

Yeah, Will & I have a freebie for download, and I have one solo -- both as Phaze Flares.

veinglory said...

If you want to give a link to one of your freebies please go ahead. Perhaps I could even list them for a month on the sidebar?

Celia Kyle said...



That page has some flash fiction as well as two shorts I wrote recently.

If you want to link to Pink Chair Diaries, we'd love that as well. It has a few stories from several authors on there.


Thanks Em!!

bettie said...

As a reader, there are certain things that authors do that I really like. One of those things is offer free short stories or eBooks. So now that I'm writing both for fun and profit, I want to make readers like me happy. Which means offering a free ebook.

JMS Books LLC said...

I have a section of "freebies" ~ 6 flash fiction stories, 9 full length free short stories, and 4 full length free e-books. My readers love them.

The flash fiction stories did double duty ~ I sold them to a pay site (Ruthie's Club), then after a 6 month exclusivity period, I posted them to my site for readers who don't pay for membership to that site. Many of my readers don't, because I write m/m and Ruthie's publishes very little of it.

The free e-books were uploaded at a time when I was self-publishing and it took a while for me to get a story into print. These stories weren't quite long enough to put into a book by themselves, so I put them on my site. The exception is one Christmas story I wrote expressly as a gift to readers last holiday season.

The short stories ... hmm. Two of them are from published collections of stories and also offered as excerpts of the books. The others are short things I wrote for fun, or to post on the site for readers.

I have found that by cross-posting the free stories elsewhere online (Literotica, FictionPress, WritersCafe, Writing.com, etc), I've gotten the attention of readers who may not have found me otherwise.

I also have excerpts from all my books. I fully believe in the power of giving readers a chance to see my style prior to making them by a book.

veinglory said...

Feel free to throw me some links for the side bar. I'll leave it up for a month or so.

Laura Bacchi said...


Thanks, Emily :)

veinglory said...

No problem. The way I see it for a few cut-and-pastes I get a free anthology from all my favorite authors :)

Who knows, maybe you'll sell me something too....

Barbara Sheridan said...

Free story here

Free manga here:

Maura Anderson said...

I participate on the Pink Chair Diaries site Celia mentioned and I also offer an ongoing free story on my newsletter, one chapter per month.

I plan to offer more at some point.

http://www.realmsoftheraven.com/free-stories/ is my free read page.

http://www.realmsoftheraven.com/newsletter/ is my newsletter.

Celia already gave you the Pink Chair site.

Pepper Espinoza said...

We offer free "missing" scenes from our books. Sometimes it's a scene that was actually cut after contracting the book, and sometimes we just want to revisit the characters.

They're here in our extras section:


veinglory said...

I need to do that. I have a whole first chapter cut from King of Dragons, King of Men that actually explains a few things in the book....

Talia said...

I write non-fiction so it's slightly different, but I do have some smaller little tips books I offer for free and extracts that can be read on their own available online. It definitely helps lift profile. I'm not sure if that converts into sales, because as far as I can tell my sales come from other avenues

JMS Books LLC said...

My free reads can be found here:

Anne D said...

I have some here:

And you can find a variety from the AOER authors here:

I'm tossing up whether to put a full length story that just not going to ever make it to print (sob, nobody likes it), only I don't know if I want everyone to see how bad everything is before editing :).

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Anonymous said...

I offer a freebie. And I try to
give away 1 book every month.

My freebie is here:

Anonymous said...


Knock yourself out.


veinglory said...

OMG, Phaze and their authors *have* been busy. :)

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