Thursday, October 11, 2007

I am putting myself under blog arrest--veinglory

Having written nary a word for over two weeks I am swearing off blogs and forums for one week. The only exception being if some kind of digi-war breaks out in a forum I moderate. But I am sure I can leave Pepper in charge of you lot.

I encourage any EREC bloggers out there to fill the void with whatever it is you might have to blog about, even if it is just what you had for breakfast or speculation about George Clooney's... well, maybe not that.

When I come back in seven days I hope to have the first few chapters of a sequel to Father of Dragons--or at least to have decided on a title. The internet is a great and wonderful aid to writing, except when it is a ravening vampire sucking up my free time.

So, be good. Or if you can't be good eliminate the witnesses. If there is any down time just look at the picture below, imagine a high pitched whining noise, and wait for next Thursday.


Pepper Espinoza said...

Good luck, Emily! I promise not to ruin your blog while you're gone!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I love taking breaks from forums/blogs every so often. I don't think people realize how much time can be sucked away by such things. Best of luck with your writing!

VirtualWordsmith said...

"Experiencing brain drain, please start at the beginning post of this blog, and by the time you are caught up, I should be, too." :D

Anonymous said...

Wait! What about our comment blitz!! I need you to see this so I can get credit. Sigh. Have a good break, veinglory. It sounds like you have a full plate.