Sunday, October 21, 2007

OH NO PROMO: The Best of Both Worlds--veinglory

Sorry, I do have to this from time to time, but there is actually a story here. A few weeks back I was feeling a little e-author guilt about just how much I enjoyed receiving a big box full of author copies for my first print novel King of Dragons, King of Men. I am also tidying up a 'lost chapter' of the book that I will send to anyone who provides me with a picture of them with a copy of the book in print form.

But I have also had reason to recall what I like about epublishers. I have always kind of wanted to write something about a rat shapeshifter. But who would want it. Well the answer is Aspen Mountain Press. And when the anthology (already reviewed by Elisa) was due to come out with only two stories I suggested an addition (a story by Fiona Glass about a were-pigeon that is very cute indeed). And Sandra the editor didn't hesitate to look at it, edit and add it in without even having to delay the release. Flexible, responsive and still putting out a good product. There is still a lot to love about writing for epublishers.

I don't know if I will ever submit to a large New York press, let alone be published by one. But I suspect I will always write ebooks, even if that should happen.

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Celia Kyle said...

Woot! That's awesome Emily.