Monday, October 01, 2007

Penta-pinion: Mya

Our second penta-opinion is from another author, Mya

1. Loose-Id
2. Samhain Publishing
3. Ellora's Cave
4. Torquere Press
5. Liquid Silver

I can never resist keeping a tally even when the maximum is 2 ;)

Ellora's Cave (2)
Loose Id (2)
Samhain (2)
Liquid Silver Books (1)
New Concepts Publishing (1)
Phaze (1)
Red Sage (1)
Torquere Press (1)
Wild Child/Freya's Bower (1)


Mya said...

Awww, thanx for the cover shot, Em!!! Really, I just popped in and recognized the image and started grinning. What you will find humorous is that I popped over to the EREC site to do some research on Red Sage as a house to submit to in the future. I don't know about others but I rely heavily on your data and news concerning publishers. And while one of the publishers who I am contracted with is showing smoke, I will always thank you for my first sale due to your advice.

Now while some writers are doing the cheerleader thing for publishers they HOPE will do them well, all I can say is that the truth is in the regularity and timeliness of a check as well as the attention to detail and professionalism of a publisher!

It's all about the research... unless the author just wants a contract and friends...

veinglory said...

It's a nice cover. Normally I wouldn't like the vertical letters but it works here, like in a manga :)

I will cheerlead for Loose Id from time to time. They do good work.