Friday, November 23, 2007

Emily Angst--veinglory

Sorry that posting is a bit slow right now. I have some things I want to cover but I have some work built up, a non-fiction book in the works and am trying to push through some actual smut writing too. Since moving to my new job I have less time to write and my rate of releasing books has dropped. It doesn't help that I have moved to writing more novels rather than novellas.

Earnings are down and it was starting to depress me a bit. Like I spend more time blogging about erotic romance than writing it... but then I looked at my little graph and thought: last month 200 people paid their hard earned money for one of my books. That's still pretty cool. I think it's easy to forget how much we achieve when we write a book, when we sell a book, when even a single person buys and enjoys one of our books. Even if I never wrote another book I would have achieved something.

Not that that's ever going to happen.

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