Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Free ebooks--veinglory

A lot of different sites are out there illegally selling or distributing ebooks. But it must also be remembered that many people offer genuinely free ebooks either to spread their message or promote their paperbacks or other titles. So next time you, or someone you know, wants to read for free send them somewhere like Get Free Ebooks for author-approved free reading material. You can also find quite a few free self-published ebooks at If you have other places that you go to for free fiction, please let us know. I can't speak for anyone else but I know that for at least two authors getting a book free lead to me paying for one of the other books later on.


JMS Books LLC said...

Memoware is a good source as well:

KMFrontain said...

Yep. That was what I was going to post. Memoware is a very good source for free ebooks. My freebies have been on Memoware for a few years now.