Monday, November 26, 2007

Interesting snippets from the Interverse--veinglory

"Less than 1/3 of the (88,000 plus) “Kindle” books are fiction...Amazon’s books actually lag behind in the numbers" (DearAuthor on all that glitters)

"Do you know what annoys me? What really annoys me? Reading a book, and feeling that the author wrote it just to get paid. Sheesh." (Karen Scott on kink-sploitation)

"We have reason to suspect that someone (or a group of someones) might be mobilizing people to attack me through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, etc., to hurt my sales and reputation...." (Patricia Cornwell, starting to sound a little grandoise-slash-paranoid)

Why people think they buy books -- top reason: Previous familiarity with author's other work 99.1%, bottom reason -- Receiving toys or other promotional gimmicks from author 3.2% (Book Promotion 101)

Dymocks (an Australian bookstore chain) is looking at releasing an ereader device: "The one that we're in discussions with is not only a very good piece of hardware but also one that's capable of supporting the Adobe and Microsoft formats that we're selling on our website at the moment."


Dayna_Hart said...

Having really enjoyed PC's books, I found that note on her website both...sad and disturbing. :-S

Jennifer McKenzie said...

These are interesting choices. Dear Author's post about Kindle was helpful, but over my head as usual. I'm waiting for someone to make an ereader that reads EVERYTHING. You know, like my friggin eyes do.

Teddy Pig said...

EEEEEH no Kindlegarten for me. I'm gonna ask Santa for a Palm T/X.