Monday, November 19, 2007

NEW ARTICLE: 'Choosing the Publisher Who's Right for You' by Fran Walker

There’s no right answer to “Who is the best publisher?” Each author needs to ask, “Who is the best publisher for me?” Before you ever start submitting work for publication, have a heart-to-heart talk with yourself and clearly define your reasons and goals: What do you write? Why do you write? What do you want to get out of it? Why do you want to be published? What are your short term and long-term goals? What are you willing to do to accomplish them? The answers will help you identify what you need and want out of a publisher, and, therefore, what type of publisher will be right for you.

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Jennifer McKenzie said...

What a relief to know that these are things I've considered.
May I add one more I didn't note in this?
In epublishing especially, pay attention to the online personality of senior editors and owners of epublishing houses. This can give a "heads up" to possible issues down the road.