Saturday, November 24, 2007


Noble Romance

"We're throwing down the gauntlet. We dare you to push the limits, stretch the boundaries, and send us your hottest, boldest stories.

A Noble erotic romance novel is...
A passionate, gripping love story set within any sub-genre. Feel free to mix them up. If it's a good story, we'll want it.
A graphic, honest portrayal of human sexuality.
Daring, risky, push-the-envelope hot. Our authors are free to explore any sexual fantasy, even those considered too risque for some of our competitors.
Noble authors are the creme de la creme. They write the hottest, most explicit sex scenes, while still maintaining the integrity of a thoroughly engrossing romantic plot."


Anonymous said...

So... who is running this thing? I really want to see names so I can do a check before submitting. Pretty site of not I'm not convinced.

Anonymous said...

Yeah its a very pretty site, but I find it odd that they don't list the owner on the About Us page.

veinglory said...

I found the owner elsewhere on the interwebs and posted more about this above ^